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I am unable to post photos well on wordpress, so I’m moving my blog to blog.com


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Our First Days

We arrived safely into Chennai on Thursday morning 3:00 am local time. We sailed through immigration and headed down stairs to retrieve our luggage. After about an hour, we see our bags coming through. Matthew’s bag is the very last to make it! I wanted to look around as we exited the airport, but quickly realized that I had to keep my eyes focused on Mike and our driver as they snaked through the crowds of people. The temperature and humidity reminds me of Guyana.

After sleeping for a few hours, we ate lunch then went out to a nearby mall. It is five or six stories high with lots of little shops as well as a large movie theater. We then stopped by the American International School where the children will be attending. It was rush hour as we made our way back to the hotel. Traffic was intense. I understand exactly why we will not be driving. I will take some video in the near future and post it.

Today the boys are exploring the hotel while Kaylee and I are enjoying the pool. The attendants are quick to serve in anyway they can. As soon as we entered the pool area, towels were brought and laid out onto cushioned, reclining pool chairs. Cold bottled water was brought next,  followed by glasses of fresh mango juice. The sun is shinning, but with the shade and the mild breeze, we are quite comfortable in our oasis. We are completely sheltered from the outside hustle and bustle of Chennai with its streets teaming with people. The muffled sound of cars honking blends with the songs of birds that inhabit the trees outlining the pool. It is truly peaceful.

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